Sustainability & Our Environment

100% carbon neutral
Planning for the future
Protecting our Countryside
Protecting our wildlife
Our Philosophy…

The Wind Turbine..

Our Journey began when we decided to create a carbon neutral attraction at the heart of The National Forest. The dilapidated barns were lovingly converted using the highest grade of insulation and building materials to create a sustainable environment for future guests. We believe that luxury can be achieved without detriment to the environment if planned carefully. The 250kw turbine provides more than enough electricity to power all of our accommodation including underfloor heating for the cooler months and plenty of hot water. The turbine system firstly sends electricity to our farm supply for use at Hastings Retreat and whatever is left over gets sent back to the grid!! Technology is forever developing and we are now in the process of installing Battery systems that will store excess energy that we can then use when the wind isn’t blowing. We currently use approximately 1/3 of the electricity that we produce.

 Our Philosophy…

The Building Design..

Hastings Retreat is the home to an abundance of wildlife and that’s the way we want it to stay. We have incorporated, many types of bird boxes all around the properties with advice from the experts. The Dairy has a built in bat loft and we have many Bat Bricks and Bird houses built into the side of the properties creating a welcoming environment for our winged friends. You will regularly see rabbits (who love to live under our decking areas) , hares, muntjacs and more recently Deer. We are very fortunate to be able to share this with guests who have often never experienced nature as we do. The Barn Owl is certainly a sight to behold.

 Our Philosophy…

The Commitment..

We strive to continuously improve our efforts to protecting the environment. Coming soon…Electric car charging points, Sustainable accommodation within our woodland areas, Battery Storage… this space